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Fast Foods Less Fatty Abroad

Since my earlier post on dieting on vacation, here's the dark side of food on the road. A New England Journal of Medicine study of fast food chains around the world found that trans fat content in food varies widely in fast-food restaurants by country, by state, by city, and sometimes within cities.

Visit Denmark to eat fries. That's the bottom line. They use the least amount of trans fat (the kind that clogs arteries, raises bad cholesterol), which must mean if you travel to Denmark, you'll live longer. Yes, I exaggerate. But compare fat content of fast foods to see for yourself.

Perhaps dieting while on vacation is something we should all take up. After reading this article, I tend to think so. Seems safer than grabbing quick meals at some of the fast food restaurants (McDonald's and KFC are mentioned in the study). When traveling as a group, you can always find a smarter way to plan meals on the trip, including at airports, train stations and the like.