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Mommy Bloggers Strike Back

Guy Kawasaki, popular biz blogger (among other things), posted a list of mommy bloggers who blog as way to vent or rave about the experience of motherhood. Blogging also gives editorially bent moms an outlet for keeping their writing skills sharp. Pen caps off to you, ladies!

As the blogosphere grows, there are an increasing number of subjects covered, including countless travel blogs (Gadling is one of my favorites). Mommy bloggers are one of many groups, and I salute them. I can't fathom raising children and doing anything else with the teensy amounts of spare time available (before the school years) but to stare blankly into space and breathe as deeply as humanly possible.

Guy Kawasaki clearly commends mommy bloggers as well. My favorite quote of his entire post:

Note: There is a contingent of readers of my blog who do not like when I write about blogs/blogging/bloggers. I’d guess there’s also a contingent who do not like when I write about non-business, non-tech, non-male subjects. To these readers, I say in advance: "You can never support a mom, much less a mommy blogger, too much, so deal with it."

Love it! And I figured all you mommy readers might as well.