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Prudish Decree: Topless Ban in Paris

If you're looking for nude travel, don't go to Paris. The French, widely known for romance, love, and lax clothing policies on beaches, recently decreed a banĀ on nude, topless and bare buns (g-string) sun-bathing in the city of Paris. French beaches are still OK to bare flesh, but the city government seeks to mitigate temptations and reign the ropes on skimpy, sunning Parisians.

Defending the decree, city hall sports official Pascal Cherki told Le Parisien that indecent clothing "could have led to temptations and dangerous behavior on the banks of the river." The fine for nude or partial nude sunbathing is 38 euros ($48).

Perhaps this is a French standard for making the city more family-friendly? At least for reigning in the unruly behavior potentially caused by a distraction of bare bods. I'm surprised that Paris would issue such a decree. But then again, French (Parisians, in particular) do pride themselves on being unique and non-conformist. Perhaps nudity has become too commonplace; leave it to the French to set the record straight. Prudity is now unique?

Source: Yahoo via Gadling