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Disney on a Diet

Families with health on the mind can now expect an increase in health food options at the Walt Disney World theme parks. Both the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and Disneyland in California will be affected by the CEO's decision to create new food health guidelines.

Disney is framing their decision as a way to offer kids and parents healthy foods, with an understanding that kids associate theme parks with fun, so it'll be a prime opportunity to encourage healthy eating habits. This isn't just good news for kids. It's also good for any group traveling together to know they can get apple sauce or carrots instead of fries on the side. The healthy food changes will unfold over the next few years. With America's obesity high, this is good news.

My speculation on what's next for Disney: Putting park visitors on treadmills or giving them weights to lift while waiting in ride lines. How about yoga with Winnie the Pooh? Or stretching with Goofy? Healthy food is just the beginning, in my opinion. With Disney's budget and influence, think of the impact they could make on healthy habits of Americans.

Source: TravelMole