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Group Trip Advisor

A Blog Devoted to Group Travel

Welcome to Group Trip Advisor, a weblog solely devoted to group travel. Here you’ll find tips, hints, resources, and lively commentary all aimed at simplifying the group trip planning process and inspiring anyone who travels with groups.

Anyone planning a trip needs a little help now and then (myself included). I plan to cover topics such as road-tripping with girlfriends, skiing with your pals, jet-setting to a destination wedding, gathering for a family reunion, negotiating group contracts, volunteering for a cause, spring break tips, travel companions from hell, blending in abroad and so much more.

Eventually, I'll feature guest bloggers on subjects of their expertise, photo contests and "lessons learned" from you, my fellow group trip planners. And I'll solicit ideas for subjects of interest to you. Stay tuned….

It's your blog, too. Whether you've organized one group trip, one thousand, or it's your first one, we can all learn from each other. If you see an article or post on this blog that strikes you, please respond by posting a comment at the bottom of that article. I’ll monitor and do my best to answer questions as swiftly as I can.

A little background on me: I’ve worked in online travel for the last eight years (including producing and managing content at Expedia for nearly five years), traveled the globe (from Hawaii to Israel), helped organize events (from presidential campaigns to local auctions), planned numerous group trips (family and friend get-togethers mainly), and have felt the pain of using inefficient methods of planning a trip or an event with groups involved – email after email, endless phone calls, trying to keep track of RSVPs, accommodating changes. So many wasted hours keeping all the details straight! My hope is to help create group travel efficiency in any way possible by sharing and stimulating discussions. Bear with me as I evolve the blog.

Lastly, since this blog is also a content gateway to TripHub, I will occasionally make a plug for its group trip planning services when relevant. Yes, I’ve used the tools and services and find them quite helpful with planning group trips. Peruse the site and see for yourself how to make your next group trip a breeze.

Happy travels.