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Airfare Tips - How to Find the Best Deals Online

by Mike Fridgen, guest blogger

The most common airfare shopping behavior today among online travelers is to shop with an online travel agency, like Expedia or Orbitz, and book direct with an airline site, such as AlaskaAir or jetBlue.  In fact, travelers convert (from shoppers to bookers) twice as well at airline websites than at online agencies. The value in booking direct is clear.

When booking at airline websites you:

Given that booking with airline websites provides the most value, the best place to shop for airfare is with travel search engines.

Benefits of shopping with travel search engines include:

Kayak is a popular travel search engine.

The savings in booking with airline sites really stack up when planning group travel. If it's a group of 10 or more, it makes sense to start with a group flight request form. Airlines will give additional discounts along with the benefits listed above.

Happy airfare shopping!

Mike Fridgen has worked in the online travel industry, as entrepreneur and marketing leader for such companies as Expedia, AlaskaAir, and others for 10 years.