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Group Trip Advisor

Discussing Hotel Options With Your Group

When planning any group trip — a family reunion, wedding, friends get-away, or other trip involving multiple itineraries and opinions — one of the most frustrating things can be deciding on the best hotel for everyone.

I’ve gone to weddings, family reunions, and traveled with friends in and out of the country and in each instance, finding the right hotel was a key part of our trip planning. Allowing each person to weigh in is important.

Understanding your group's requirements and priorities is a good place to start. Considerations that typically come into play include:

Fortunately there are several free tools that can help trip planners to collect initial input and to streamline the decision making process. Here are three user-friendly polling apps that are widely used for gathering opinions and making group decisions:

Finally, once you've narrowed down your hotel options, Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheets can be useful for organizing, comparing and sharing various choices and travel plans (budgets, interarires, task lists, etc.) in detail.