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Wedding Guests Contributing to Honeymoons

Now, here's a trendy trend in the wedding industry that I just discovered (OK, I've seen contribution tables at weddings long ago, but this has now turned into a "thing").

With the cost of weddings skyrocketing and an increasing number of people planning destination weddings (which are very often more expensive than local weddings) it seems natural that there would be a wedding gift to help offset costs. The bonus is that there is a way to give such a gift and not have it look like a charity donation.

Check out that turns wedding gifts into honeymoon romance, in essence.

Seems like a practical, money-saving idea to me. And fun one, to boot! I'd love to pay for breakfast in bed for a good friend's honeymoon. Not a bad idea, brides and grooms.

Does anyone know of other similar services or unusually clever wedding gift ideas? Post a comment if you do, and let others (including me) know about them.