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Wedding Guests Contributing to Honeymoons

The high, and seemingly ever-increasing, costs of travel and accommodations make it challenging for many newlyweds to realize their dream honeymoons.

Enter honeymoon registries! Honeymoon registries make it easy for couples to create a list of desired experiences, accommodations, or activities for their honeymoon, much like a traditional gift registry. Instead of, or in addition to, registering for physical gifts like household items, couples can list elements of their honeymoon, such as flights, hotel stays, excursions or meals. Wedding guests can then contribute financially to these items or experiences, helping the couple fund their dream trip.

This type of registry has become particularly popular among couples who prefer experiential gifts over traditional ones. And many guests prefer contributing to a honeymoon fund over purchasing traditional registry items. This approach enables them to be part of creating a memorable experience for the couple, rather than giving a material object. Afterall, who remembers who gave them a set of knives, place setting or set of towels for their wedding?

Honeymoon registries

Here is a handful of popular honeymoon registries:

Of course, it's important to compare options and to understand the terms of service before committing to one of these services. We also recommend reading recent customer reviews at sites like Trustpilot.

Thanks to Corinne M. for writing to share her honeymoon registry experience: "I checked out several registries - used Honeymoon Wishes and absolutely loved it! Everything was so professional and my guests raved about it. They even took the time to read my whole registry to my Grandma over the phone!"

March 10, 2023.