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Caretaking and Housesitting Vacations

Will wonders ever cease? I discovered a caretakers organization that prides itself on being the leading property caretaking source. Caretaking in this context doesn't mean changing baby's diapers or live-in help for aging seniors; that's caregiving. Think travel, think vacation, think free. Can this be an actual industry?

If you've ever dreamed of playing host(ess) at a quaint inn, housesitting at a beachfront home, watching the condo and cat for someone who lives in a swanky loft with a cityscape vista, or being innkeeper for a small retreat center, take note.

The Caretaker Gazette has been operating since 1983. It is a unique newsletter that provides information and opportunities for property caretaking and house sitting jobs. The service caters to those interested in caretaking positions as well as property owners looking for caretakers or house sitters. According to their website, The Gazette provides subscribers with thousands of house sitting and property caretaking jobs each year.

Families, couples, and individuals are all caretakers who travel for various lengths of time to plant themselves in a new locale and temporarily try on a new lifestyle. Free accommodations to boot. But if you apply for one of the caretaking "jobs" and time it with a family reunion in the same destination, or in an area where friends can easily visit for a weekend getaway, you just might have found nomadic nirvana.

If I find a European castle in need an innkeeper for a month, I might reconsider my current situation and start packing. Alternative travel. Gotta love it.

Or does this sound like pure hell? Anyone ever done a trip like this? Would you recommend it to others? Are there other sites or resources to find this type of opportunity?

D. Rose sent us a note to share, "I've used the Caretaker Gazette to find housesitting and caretaking positions in places I wanted to visit... I don't like big hotels or resorts so I prefer to live where I can get to know the local people. The people that run the Gazette are very helpful and friendly so I am sure they would be happy to answer any questions you might have. Good luck!"