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Most Memorable Beaches

Who doesn't dig beaches? They vary by destination (rock beaches vs. powdery white sand) and season. Depending on who you're traveling with (group of friends, family or college pals) you get (and likely want) different things from each beach trip.

Beaches that stick out in my mind as personal favorites hold their titles from the experience of the visit - some for fond memories they conjure up, others for sheer beauty, and still others for a desire to return to the sights, foods, and local culture surrounding the shores.

A few of my memory-making beaches include:

To further whet your travel planning appetite, these 10 destinations represent some of the finest beach experiences the U.S. has to offer:

Craig M. reached out to us to share one of his favorites: "I love a beach on Maui called Slaughterhouse Beach. There used to be a slaughter house just above the beach - today, the beach is reached by a staircase off the highway passed Kahana - it's small, never busy, always clean and quiet and great body surfing waves too."