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Strike a Balance When Traveling

Update: TripHub's group travel planning tools are no longer available.

He's a last-minute person. She's a type A organizer. However do you go on trips together and still stay married (happily)? Terry A., reveals how TripHub helped her and her husband strike a balance in travel planning.

"When it comes to planning friends and family get-togethers, I am a compulsive organizer and my husband is a 'whatever' kind of guy. I want to know who, what, where, when, and how many are coming. He just wants to invite anyone who happens to show a slight interest. We've managed to enjoy life together for more than 25 years, but we've had our moments.

I started using TripHub's collaboration tools for vacation planning. What a difference the site has made. We've survived two road trips already and have a very large camping trip with friends and family planned for just a few weeks away.

I've been able to coordinate travel plans, book hotels, correctly calculate numbers of guests and stay in touch with everyone! No more passing the word via (sometimes unreliable, though well-meaning) spouses or friends. No more wondering if we would end up with an extra person sleeping on our floor or squeezed in the middle seat of a vehicle. No more 'I didn't know you were bringing your kids' on an adult activity weekend.

I can finally look forward to our trips together without all the stress. I'm quite relaxed about being the vacation planner in the family now.

July 7, 2006