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Travel Carnival: Take Two

Update: The Carnival of Travel is no longer active but Group Trip Advisor welcomes guest posts. Please contact us to learn more.

Mmmm... what a beautiful collection of travel-related blog posts! Traveling down a canal with grandparents, stepping outside your comfort zone to do a solo international trip, giving street pedalers the finger, finding yourself in a German boot camp, and making new friends while traveling. This 2nd edition carnival of travel is fresh with perspective on life and the road less traveled.

Chookooloonks: Connections - With a beautiful account of connections in our ever-shrinking world, Karen Walrond opens our eyes and hearts to the wonders of traveling and the unexpected blessings of making connections with strangers. Are strangers so strange after all?

Hurrah! I’m in London! - First impressions of London and traveling solo are always interesting. What sticks with me from Cain's trip is his wit, sense of adventure, and keen observations about sometimes feeling small in a big world. Great read!

Babblogue of India - Travel to India with beautiful photos that you're likely not to see elsewhere. A snippet of Lakshmi's travelogue while traveling with her husband.

Trip Report: Visiting New York City with Kids - Great account of family travel to New York City... activities planned in advance, a lesson for us all in patience and strategic planning. If we could all be as organized as The Family CEO.

Bonjour from Paris! - A wonderful snapshot of a day in the life of Georgina touring Paris... and a sneak peek at the newly refurbished L'Orangie with the "greatest hits of Classical Modern art" (Monet, Cezanne, Picasso, Renoir, Modigliani)... It's been a while since I've toured a classic art museum and this post gets me in the mood for oil paintings.

Washington DC: U.S. Botanic Garden - An outdoor museum of fleurs and plants amid the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Think the U.S. capital is one big building lined city? Mary Jo Manzanares offers a rare look at what grows and flourishes near the Capitol Building; a great tip for travel to D.C.

Travel Destination - Your Friendly Travel Guide - Gaudi strikes again, and Lewis writes about one of Barcelona's most extravagant designs by the master Spanish architect that is still in construction, a century after Gaudi's death.

After All, You're My Westerwald - In Pam's own words, "A bad hotel, a surly waitress, the smell of meat, and an unhappy duck." What could be more intriguing? This post had me laughing between sips of tea. For anyone who has traveled to foreign land and encountered hall of fame characters along the way, this is for you.

Road Tripping with Yardbird - Katherine Dynes takes a solo road trip before picking up her grandmother for 1500 more miles. Three of her best road trip tips: don't stay at a hotel with a parking lot full of RVs or a staff that gets cranky when you use their ice machine to fill your cooler. Plus, find out why truckers suck in adverse weather conditions and why highways are like Starbucks.

Giving Hawkers the Finger - At India Ink, Basia gives one of the most pragmatic and insightful tips for travelers tired of getting heckled by street vendors ("Buy jewelry!" "Sunglasses cheap just for you!"). Try her peaceful protest approach and meditate on it.

Trinity Prep School - Our Erie Canal Tour - A story of a family who traveled down the New York State Canal System of waterways with all the generations, taking their homeschooling learning into action to see what western expansion helped invent. This educational tour is a great idea for summer family travel.

Birdwatching in Washington - Bird watchers keep a sharp eye on nature's small, flighty creatures like no one else. John's observations (of a D.C. guy) from visiting Washington state for the first time shows us all what we may otherwise overlook when gawking at bigger landmarks like mountains, or even visiting with people. Thanks for a reminder to stop and smell the proverbial roses.

San Juan Islands - Sweet. One of my favorite places on Earth is the cluster of islands off the northwest coast of Washington state. Rhonda at Girls Getaways shows us a great escape for any kind of traveler, mainly those who fancy adventure and activities and raw natural beauty.

August 4, 2006