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What's Your Travel Style?

Gadling published a photo of the day with a neo-classic shot of a wired traveler. The photo is akin to a still life painting that captures the essence of an era; in this case, our traveling culture in an age of Web 2.0 (think flickr, travel blogging, TripHub). This photo is a statement, by the photographer/traveler, about his/her traveling life. It says "I'm wired." Is this traveler's hi tech set of gadgets so extreme?

When I travel for a week or more, I usually bring a camera, guide book, iPod, books, rarely my cell phone, and all other essentials. I suppose all I'm missing is the video and computer. My style of travelĀ is much more low key and low tech, usually finding as many ways to disconnect as I can. I still don't have a digital camera - I actually use film. (E-gad! I can hear collective gasps.) Think margarita in hand after a kayak paddle, feet up watching a sunset. And the best travel moments I often forget to snap photos because I'm too busy enjoying them. Now, that's my style of vacation. Still, if I laid out all my gear on a bed, what would it say about me? Pseudo-techie? Quasi-techie? Hmm...

What's your travel style?