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Underwater Poker

For a trip with a little adrenaline and other worldly experience, try an underwater poker tournament. Merging the excitement of scuba diving with the cerebral challenge of poker, underwater poker offers a novel way to enjoy these two popular pastimes.

Play poker underwater.

To participate in underwater poker, you will need a full scuba set, including a tank, regulator and, depending whether indoors and on climate, a wetsuit. Communication underwater is key, so an underwater writing slate and/or establishing hand signals in advance is a good idea. And, as this underwater poker player explains, "if you’re thinking of setting up an underwater game, make sure to have enough weights on hand for the table, chairs, players, and cards. Most plastic poker cards are waterproof, but it may be worth it to double check and invest in some that are especially heavy." Managing buoyancy and strategizing in poker simultaneously offers a distinctive challenge and twist. Note: You must either be scuba certified or willing to be trained how to dive.

We haven't found a site that maintains a list of places you can play underwater poker but here are a few examples of past tournaments to inspire your search!

Whether you're a seasoned poker player seeking a new challenge or a diving enthusiast looking for a novel experience, underwater poker offers a unique experience that will test your skills in a completely different world.

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