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Group Trip Advisor

Unique Road Trips

Road trips conjure up images of weekend getaways to the country, usually with a campsite or remote B&B or hotel as a destination. Solo road trips are unique in that they usually involve the adventurous independent person seeking space, ready to soul search.

But group road trips are unique in that they offer stunning scenery to experience with close friends or family. Road trips are a special way to bond since they involve so much time together - in vehicles, on the trip, and then returning home. You have to be willing to give and take, compromise, pitch in (i.e., share the gas money), and bring music everyone might enjoy (rather than your cousin's college garage punk band with barely audible lyrics that scream to an indiscernible beat).

Two unique ways to travel the road with groups:

Harley-Davidson motorcycle rentals: Awww, yeeeah. Nothing beats Harley hair and the open road, not to mention the cool personas you can pull off at pitstops along the route. While you likely need a motorcycle license to rent, this type of trip could be the trip of a lifetime for the right group. I'm picturing spring break for college students, or just a group of friends reuniting for some adventure.

Model T group tours: California road trips through Yosemite National Park with stops at  other notable attractions is the way to go. That's if you prefer to step back in time to yestercentury when the engines were newborn, the roads dusty, and wide open expanses of scenery were yours for the day or the week (depending on your preference - rental vs. full week tour). I'm picturing extended families gathering for a unique tour through California's back roads.