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Mmm... Summer Recipes for Family Reunions

Summer is fast-approaching, a prime time to gather the family, invite the grandparents, and host or attend a family reunion. One thing is a given at family reunions of any size: the food. Are you hosting a family reunion? In charge of cooking a meal for the whole group? Impress the family with a scrumptious recipe that leaves everyone sated and singing your praises.

Here are tips for planning meals (for family reunion organizers) and recipe ideas:

1. Potlucks - If many family members are near the reunion host's home, a potluck is the perfect way to feed the clan, sharing costs and meal-prep time with those who can whip up a dish.

2. BBQs - Nothing is more classic for family reunions than a good old-fashioned summertime barbeque feast with steaks, seafood, veggies, chicken, and burgers fresh from the grill, dripping with succulent sauces and smokey flavoring.

3. Family-hosted meals - Simplify meals and cut down on costs by rotating meal responsibilities between families. Reunion planners can plan ahead by coordinating on meals using TripHub's "send a message" feature.

4. Low calorie dishes – Many people watch their weight and may dread the idea of a family reunion breaking their healthy eating habits they've worked hard to attain. Keep temptations at bay by hosting a low-cal meal or having low-cal side dishes at each meal.

Here are many more recipes ripe for the summer season, a time most families get together for family reunions. Recipe sources: Bon appetit!

Start planning your family reunion today.

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