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Girls Getaways Go Glossy

Ladies, this bud(get)'s for you. There's a lot of buzz lately about Budget Travel's new magazine for ladies only. That's right, men. Step aside. This doesn't mean women don't adore traveling with you - it just means quality girl friend time is like nothing else; so when women gather in giggly gaggles or small, serious groups, the travel industry takes notice and rewards women with a nice glossy periodical to peruse for travel ideas. (A higher end magazine for "savvy, sexy, and sophisticated" women "and the men who travel with them" is Travel Girl.)

Budget Travel's 40 Best Girlfriend Getaway Packages is an enticing start for their launch. Summer 2006 edition is on newstands now or available for online order after May 23 (I can hear the clip clop of heels and shuffling of hiking boots now). My guess is this magazine will attract working women, college chicas, and a range of ages alike.

Men: who knows? You just might find your girlfriend becoming more passionate about travel (and life) on her adventure away with the girls, which should spilleth over to your relationship. Concerned about couples traveling separately on vacation? Here are tips on how healthy it can be.