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A Carnival of Travel Is Born

TripHub is pleased to call for submissions to the inaugural "carnival of travel" coming July 21, 2006. What's a carnival? Cotton candy aside, it is a collection of blog articles on a related topic. In this case: travel. It's a way to show off your work, for anyone who's ever written a travel blog article.

There are a plethora of travel blogs in the blogosphere; too many wonderful articles to create a "best of breed." The carnival of travel is a way of creating a list of the best of the best, submitted by you, the travel bloggers. There are already many other carnivals out there, from the carnival of family life to the carnival of personal finance.

Simply submit your best travel blog article on the carnival page (select "carnival of travel" in the drop-down if it isn't already selected). Any post that that gives you a genuine sense of accomplishment. Humorous. Inspiring. Adventurous. Scary. Stories travelers can relate to. Insights or musings that entertain or make us ponder. Tips we need to know before we travel again. Anything goes.

Have kids, but still determined to take that summer vacation? We want to hear stories, tips, rants, raves. What's beautiful about traveling as a family? What makes you pull your hair out?

Wax poetic. Give us the nitty gritty of traveling across borders and boundaries. Share the wonders of traveling and open our eyes to the experience of seeing natural, cultural, and artistic beauty around the world. Whether you've traveled with friends, relatives, immediate family, or even trekked with yourself as your guide, all perspectives have merit.

Details:• Article submitted must be your own writing.
• Subject matter must be about travel.
• Format can include blog articles with prose, poetry, bullet points, tips, anecdotes, photos (keep it clean), etc.
• Reminder: You'll need to submit the permalink URL of your blog article when you submit the article using the submission form (which also has other fields such as article title, author name, etc.)
• Deadline is 7/20/06, sometime in the morning before Noon, Pacific Time
• Once I receive submissions via the submission form, I'll compile the list and publish it.
• Inaugural carnival of travel scheduled to go live Friday, 7/21/06

The goal is to continue to publish carnivals (collections of travel blog articles) regularly. In the future, upcoming editions will include such topics as adventure travel, family travel and other travel. For the inaugural carnival of travel edition, any subject in travel goes! It's a new endeavor to collaborate on travel musings and writings and share travel experiences. Thanks for participating.

Any questions?