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Ski Trail Maps and Apps

Ski trail maps have certainly evolved over the years. Historically trail maps were simple, hand-drawn illustrations. Today's digital snowsport trail maps offer high-resolution, 3D representations of ski areas providing skiers and snowboarders with a more realistic and interactive view of the terrain and the ability to explore ski resorts with unprecedented detail and accuracy.

These digital maps offer features like real-time location tracking, route planning, and even augmented reality experiences. This evolution not only enhances the skiing experience but also contributes to safer navigation and better planning for skiers and snowboarders. And the integration of digital maps with apps and wearable technology has further personalized the skiing experience, allowing users to track their individual performance.

Two popular apps that we've chosen to highlight are FATMAP and Slopes. Each of these apps offers unique features catering to the needs of winter sports participants, from casual resort skiers to avid backcountry adventurers. (Of course, there are dozens of other apps out there to consider.)

Now, if all this tech talk leaves you feeling a bit nostalgic for old school maps, is the site to visit. has an extensive collection of over 15,000 ski maps from around the world, with content that dates back 90 years. For example, check out this 1969 trail map from Crystal Mountain, Washington:

Crystal Mountain Trail Map via

November 23, 2023.