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Cell Phone Use on Flights

Traveling (flying in particular) has gotten increasingly more hectic over the years. TVs blare in airports, security lines wind around terminals, cell phone users chat away between "Can you hear me now?" confirmations. Airlines cram passengers in planes, getting as many sold tickets per flight possible, with budgets tight.

Now, thanks to budget airlines Ryanair, you may actually be able to talk on cell phones during flights. Yes, during flights. Whatever happened to disconnecting from it all to let yourself sleep, watch a movie, read, write, or even daydream? In my humble opinion, there's something to be said for forcing yourself to chill, to unwind. Even if the plane is the last place any of us want to do so, we're at least not beholden to the on-demand societal anchors like email, cells, Blackberries, pagers, and other gadgets.

Maybe I'm just way too low tech. But the next time you're on a bus or train and someone gabs on a cell the entire time, imagine a plane ride like that. Oy.