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Guys Getaways vs. Mancations

Mancations. (Men, are you cool with this term? Sounds a little goofy to me...) The term emerged in the 2000s and since then hotels and resorts have been adding male centric vacation packages that include a range of activities, from poker and off-roading to spa treatments and culinary instruction.

Here are some of the most popular mancation activities:

The Urban Dictionary defines a mancation as: "The most ultimate man-only vacation. Usually this trip involves heavy drinking, getting kicked out of something, and nearly dying. At camp sites, everybody who is not a mancationer hates the mancationers, likely because they can not understand the sheer awesomeness that is mancation."

That said, mancations are not just about indulging in stereotypical male activities. Rather they are about the opportunity to bond with the guys. And spending quality time with friends can mean different things to different people.