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Group Trip Advisor

TripHub Invites Clubs, Teams, Organizations to Plan Trips

Since TripHub launched, the group trip planning tools have been ideal for family and friend trips such as weddings, reunions, birthday vacations, girls getaways, and mancations/guy trips. But today there are advanced settings that allow more types of groups - clubs, teams, parent groups, religious organizations, spring breakers - to plan trips. That's right. More group fun. And more functionality.

In general, all group trip organizers now have more control over the way to structure a trip, the settings, who to invite, and how guests can access the "trip home page." New tools for planning trips that are ideal for clubs, teams, organizations, and larger groups include:

  1. A URL for every trip to promote and publicize via MySpace pages, church newsletters, school Web sites, ski team flyers, even word of mouth. This greatly expands the possibilities for trip organizers.
  2. Advanced settings allow trip organizers to control who has access to the trip details and who is invited to participate. Trip organizers no longer need to know the email addresses of every single guest, or even all who may join the trip. This opens the doors for clubs, organizations, and membership groups to create a trip, retreat, away game home page, promote the URL of the event, and allow people to invite themselves or request an invitation.
  3. Email notification capabilities so trip organizers and members of the group can opt to ping people when they've started a Trip Blog discussion, or added something to the Event Schedule. This is a convenient way to keep the group informed when key changes (i.e., accommodations discussions have begun or a hotel has been booked) or announcements are made (deadlines to sign up for the trip are posted).

How can clubs, teams, organizations use the new features? Great question. Here's how:

  1. Ski clubs can set up a trip and post the URL to the club Web site or in a monthly newsletter. Existing or potential club members can see the details and request an invitation to join the trip.
  2. Parents can now coordinate travel to tournaments, performances, and other events with other families. Families can view trip details, join the trip, and discuss transportation options, and other travel logistics.
  3. Religious organizations can plan events using TripHub to communicate details of a retreat or pilgrimage. Trip URLs can be publicized via a newsletter or in the weekend program. Members can request invitations. Retreat details can be hidden so only approved members can view them.
  4. Spring breakers include college students planning to head to Florida, Mexico, Hawaii, California, Europe, or the nearest beach. Students can recruit attendees by linking to their TripHub trip from their MySpace, or via a flyer in their living space, common area, etc. Participation can be capped, but anyone who finds the URL can join the trip.
  5. Sports fan groups can plan trips to college or pro games (or tailgate parties).
  6. Adventure / activity clubs can organize trips around their favorite sport or activity such as kayaking, hiking, camping, scuba diving, biking and discuss details with fellow fanatics about their passionate pastime.
  7. Alumni associations can plan reunions or tailgate parties for home games for alumni.
  8. Tour groups can even set up trips using TripHub and plan trips using these new tools. For instance, if you are a trip leader with a women's travel group, an educational tour leader, etc. you can set up a trip and share the URL with either known participants or publicize the trip URL to recruit more participants.
  9. Any other membership or affinity group can plan a group trip using the free group planning tools.